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Synology DSM 5.0 SNMP Interface Statistics OIDs



I was looking statistics to be pulled through SNMP for a Synology NAS and walked across the following OIDs. I imagine hardware with more than one interface, the numbering will just follow along logically. I will test this at a later date. - Interface Name - Loopback - Interface Name - Eth0 - Interface RX Total Bytes - Loopback - Interface RX Total Bytes - Eth0 - Interface TX Total Bytes - Loopback - Interface TX Total Bytes - Eth0 - Interface RX Total Packets - Loopback - Interface RX Total Packets - Eth0 - Interface TX Total Packets - Loopback - Interface TX Total Packets - Eth0 - Interface MTU - Loopback - Interface MTU - Eth0 - Interface MAC Address - Eth0

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