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Create new Windows Homegroup when there is an exisiting Homegroup on the network

Windows 7 Homegroup

I decided to try Homegroups between a windows 7 and Windows 8 to see if this really does facilitate easier sharing, while still being secure. I will leave my judgement for later as I only just configured this. I ran in to issues where a house mate had his own Homegroup on the existing network and I could not see an option to create one, only to join the existing one.

Steps to create a new one:

  1. Open up the Homegroup options within the control panel.
  2. Disable the network adapter / disconnect the Ethernet cable.
  3. Enable the network adapter and be prepared to create a new Homegroup quickly when the options appears.
  4. When the create new Homegroup option appears and quickly enter a password, as it will fail if it has enough time to find the exisiting Homegroup.
  5. Follow the prompts to set up and then insert your password on the other computers in the network like normal and it should automatically find the matching Homegroup.
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18 responses to “Create new Windows Homegroup when there is an exisiting Homegroup on the network”

  1. Chris says:

    Very helpful, thank you!

  2. sufiblade says:

    awesome! thanks a million

  3. Pawiris says:

    thank you. sad microsoft cant explain this

  4. kawser says:


  5. Louie says:

    create homegroup appears,but cant create because of exist homegroup network in different pc.

    but i need a homegroup in my pc so my friend can connect to my data.

    how will work that?

  6. Louie says:

    oh its working now. i just repeated it 3x hhhahahahaha thanks!

  7. Eric Richson says:


  8. makii says:

    Great!! Thanks a lot !!

  9. Marty says:

    Thank you, I’ve wasted a very long time before finding this site. Still works as of June 2016 (Win 10 Fast Ring)

  10. terry says:

    so you basically have to outrun the system and enter somethin for a password before it figures out that there is a homegroup already. thank you bill gates

  11. Bosco says:

    Thank you! Awesome! It works.

  12. Simon says:

    This is a huge annoyance, but Microsoft is more likely to experiment with Linux than solve existing problems. After all, with this trick fins it, thank you

  13. Khalid says:

    very helpful thanks Alot

  14. jun says:

    how to create a new homegroup if one already exists?

  15. terry stepp says:

    I am using Windows 10. I have been trying to get this PC work with homegroup. but no luck. I forgot the password that PC.

  16. Thanks alot it helps…

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